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Proven path

We assist our Veteran brothers and sisters along the path to personal healing.  It can be done.  We have done it.

Through personal experience, we believe you do not have a disease and you are not broken.  You are not damaged goods because you have had a very normal reaction to an abnormal life experience.  You are not the exception but the norm.  Therefore, we call it PTS, Post Traumatic Stress.  Those very intense past experiences possibly turned into intense memories/dreams but they can be managed. 

We do not encourage or even think it is possible to erase the memories, they made you the powerful person you are today.  But we have found that taking charge of your past experiences and managing them instead of them managing you is simply assaulting the enemy before he assaults you.  You can only retreat so long before the enemy catches up and destroys you from behind.  We don’t believe in addressing the symptoms.  We believe, with God's help, in addressing the cause and controlling the symptoms thru an eternal cause perspective...getting the 30,000 foot perspective.  Simply put, it works.

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What you miss

Combat can lead to guilt, excitement, missing the brotherhood, not fitting in and searching for a replacement. 

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We have experienced the addiction to Adrenalin.  Managing those desires is a key to starting the road to recovery.


always warriors

We believe once a warrior always a warrior and you are simply downrange in a different kind of mine field.

You were trained how to respond to threats in the military and you can use those same skills to respond to life’s new experience of civilian life.  We further believe that often the real cause of PTS is an underlying Moral Wound.  A Moral Wound is being angry at God or whoever you believe is in charge of this universe.  How could He let such unfair and horrible things happen?  Maybe you don’t want anything to do with such a God. We have been there as well.  Or maybe you really have developed a fear of living civilian life and just need a few coping tools to take the offense again.  Either way we have ways of helping you along the path to total and victorious healing.

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It's your move

You'll heal yourself and every loved one in your life.  You know...the ones who waited for you, prayed for you and hugged your neck when you got back.

 Now, a tough but true and honorable fact.  You also owe it to the ones who didn't make it back.  What would they say?  Their message would be simple.  Live for me!  You are honorable enough to understand that obligation. 

You know the drill.  Recognize / Improvise / Overcome.  It takes true valor to step up and take the next steps.  We encourage you to contact us and allow us the privilege of guiding you along the path already cleared by others.  There is hope and there is verifiable history to the success of these programs.  Once again think of your family and just pull the trigger.  Call us immediately.  We are waiting to serve you brother and sister.

Quotes From The Founders

You will soon become the sum
of your thoughts and actions.
— Dana Sanders, Founder, Board Member, Downrange Warriors
Sometimes you just have to pull the trigger on improving your life. You might do this before you are afforded time to consider it at length...in jail.
— Jesse Fauber, Veteran, Founder, Board Member, Downrange Warriors
Any strength done to excess becomes a weakness.
— Todd Bray, Veteran, Founder, President, Board Member, Downrange Warriors